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Wallbarn supplies a range of construction products and services focusing on structural waterproofing, roofing, balconies & terraces and landscaping products.

Our products include suspended pedestal systems for paving and timber decking:

Installing timber decking using TD support pads increases the speed of construction and makes the process simpler. Levels are created easily on roofs built-to-falls using the telescopic adjustable pads beneath timber joists. No timber is left in standing water and the cavity helps reduce sound and ventilates the deck beneath.

Wallbarn timber decking tiles are an alternative way to produce hardwood decking areas where height thresholds are very limited.

Wallbarn produces and supplies green roof systems, from easy-to-install pre-grown extensive green roofs in modular trays to roll-out systems. We provide many landscaping products and services, including supplies of plants and seeds, substrates, irrigation as well as long-term maintenance services.
Other products include protection and drainage membranes for structural waterproofing, soil stabilisation and water attenuation fabrics, rainwater outlets and drainage connectors for roofs, balconies and walkways.

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