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Unilin produces laminate floors, engineered wood, boards, decorative panels, finished products, roofing elements and insulation panels. UNILIN forms part of the American company MOHAWK INDUSTRIES, INC., which is listed on the New York stock exchange. UNILIN has three divisions:

  • UNILIN, division flooring (laminate, parquet and LIVYN)
  • UNILIN, division panels (boards, decorative panels and finished products)
  • UNILIN, division insulation (roofing elements and insulation panels)

Next to the three product divisions UNILIN has a separate division, UNILIN, division technologies, specialised in the commercialisation of intellectual property rights for the UNILIN group and third parties. UNILIN stands for (r)evolution. Thanks to continuous innovation, investing in design, research & development and the latest technologies, our divisions have developed into top players. Our success is based on the UNILIN spirit underlying our mission: we create beautiful and convenient quality products for your home.


Corporate sustainability plays a central role in the way UNILIN is managed. The company didn’t make a commitment to this principle because it has become the fashionable thing to do these days. Rather, corporate sustainability has been in UNILIN´s blood from the very start. Around 50 years ago, UNILIN began as a company that was focused on the recycling of flax straw, a green activity that delivered a natural end product. The later use of wood and recycled wood as a raw material also demonstrates our inherent love for nature and our environment. Along with sustainable products, sustainable solutions were also added to the line: laminate that can be installed without adhesive, roofing elements with integrated insulating material and later also insulating material that can significantly reduce energy consumption and thus CO2 emissions. All of this took place within the framework of a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach where people and resources are deployed in a carefully thought-out way in order to guarantee long-term growth. This long-term growth can only be sustainably achieved by finding an equilibrium where the values of the company’s various stakeholders (customers, shareholders, employees, neighbours) are respected and given even greater emphasis. To fulfil this ideal, corporate sustainability at UNILIN constitutes an inherent part of the day-to-day and strategic policy.

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Address: Unit 4, The Furrows, Barton Dock Road, Trafford Park, Manchester M32 0SZ

Tel: 0844 8118 288

Fax: 0844 8118 289

Email: info@unilin.com

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