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Who are we?
TECO are a family run business that have been manufacturing builders’ metalwork in the UK for over 35 years. We take great pride in the fact we have remained fully committed to being a British manufacturer and that at our core we continually strive for ongoing innovation across all areas.
Engineering – Consistently, manufacturing high quality products that are sustainable, economical and designed for, engineered for strength.
Customers – Delivering exceptional customer service in order to develop enthusiastically satisfied customers and suppliers. Helping you is what we do! Whether you need staff training, product images, assistance with getting your stock profile right for your specific customer base or any advice on our products just give us a call to discuss your needs.
Alternatively, arrange for a visit, we aren’t pushy sales people, we are just committed to good old fashioned customer service.
Organisation – Providing a great working environment where we value respect, integrity, personal excellence and continuous self-improvement.
TRS Restraint Strap – Our new TRS restraint strap is quicker and easier to install but most importantly it’s more cost effective! Manufactured using less steel but with all the strength of a traditional Heavy Duty strap, it’s a sure way to beat the upcoming price increases.
We’re here for you – Contact us today: 
Email: sales@tecoproducts.co.uk
Phone: 01273 423983
Website: www.tecoproducts.co.uk



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